VILLAO is a Danish design brand founded by Elisabeth Villao.


Elisabeth graduated from the University of Copenhagen and holds a master’s degree of Dental Sciences, and she completed a 3-year education from the Danish College of Pharmacy Practice as a Pharmaconomist.


Elisabeth has been practising as a dentist for more than 20 years and has had her own clinic for 17 years.


She founded VILLAO in 2010 and thus had the opportunity to explore her creativity and interest in design and fashion. She launched her first collection in 2015/2016.


In 2017, Elisabeth chose to sell her dental clinic and continue to further develop and expand VILLAO.


Based on her previous career and philosophy, Elisabeth has succeeded in making ethics, aesthetics, environmental considerations, technical understanding and quality assurance a natural part of VILLAO.


VILLAO started out as a cashmere design brand and has since 2018 been developed further to also include woven designs.


The philosophy behind the brand is an unconditional love of simple, durable designs of the ultimate quality. Love of simplicity shines through every design and makes it a classic favorite. The colors have been carefully selected so that designs from earlier seasons can be combined with future seasons.


Cashmere, silk, wool and cotton are the preferred materials and several of the materials are Oeko-Tex 100 certified.


The luxurious cashmere is produced in Nepal and Inner Mongolia where the cashmere goat lives and has its origin.


The woven designs are sewn by carefully selected small family-owned tailors in Denmark and Italy who have an eye for aesthetics and quality.


All designs are made to order only, and several of the woven designs are made in a very small limited, exclusive number that can be purchased only from carefully selected retailers and VILLAO’s webshop and showroom.